Atul Ganediwala

    Managing Director

    Our people are our greatest strength

    Paradigm Services Private Limited (PSPL) is a company, which believes in changing the way people see towards quality and food safety with the help of best service management consultancy.

    PSPL strives to provide cost-effective services that successfully take the guesswork and mystery out of complying with the standards and customer requirements. Paradigm Services help and guide in designing and structuring integrated systems to satisfy our customers with superior quality, value and service.

    PSPL act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do and earn the admiration of all those associated with us.

    We deliver seamlessly integrated multiple systems (implementation of more than one standard) as a full service or in component modes.

    We respect our social and physical environment around the world and promote it for better future. Our fundamental aim is to provide you with solutions and management systems those are easy to use. We Value, develop and utilize our employees’ diverse talents, initiative and leadership in various fields.

    We do hope that your experiences as our customer reflect our core values of trust and customer focus, if not please let me know, I shall try to make an improvement.

    EnDen Team

    N.S. Walimbe

    Director at Paradigm and Managing Director at Zen

    Rajinikanth Bathula

    Director – Projects at Paradigm and Zen.

    Avinash Chandel

    Sr. Manager Projects

    TAR Team

    Jayesh Bhatt

    Business partner and Head of Technical and regulatory division

    Ashish Kumar Gupta

    AGM Planning & Consulting
    New Delhi

    Iva Chakraborty

    Manager Consulting

    Dr. Rashmi A. Kolhe

    Associate Partner at Paradigm & Director at D'Armonia Consulting

    OpEx and 6 Sigma Team

    Amol Thorat

    Business Partner - Operations Excellence

    LS Kannan

    Associate Partner at Paradigm