Paradigm’s philosophy of Excellence – What & Where?

    Operation Excellence is a management philosophy of Leadership, Teamwork, and Problem Solving, resulting in Continuous Improvement throughout the organization by focusing on the needs of the customer, empowering employees, and optimizing existing activities in the process. We believe that the Improvement is continuous process & we support to establish culture of continuous improvement throughout the Operations.

    To achieve Operational Excellence requires the successful implementation of an integrated Business Execution System that effectively and seamlessly integrates the following four building blocks:

    •  Strategy Deployment,
    •  Performance Management,
    •  Process Excellence,
    •  High Performance Work Teams.


    Consultancy services covering following areas of manufacturing industry:

    •  Production Planning & Control
    •  Procurement
    •  Production
    •  Shop floor management
    •  HR & Admin
    •  Quality
    •  Maintenance
    •  Stores
    •  Logistics
    •  Man power management
    •  Overall process flow
    •  Inventory Management


    Areas of Consulting –

    • 5S
    • Kaizen
    • TQM
    • TPM
    • Lean Manufacturing
    • Six sigma effective applications
    • 7 QC tools

    • Process Mapping
    • Process Reengineering
    • Benchmarking training and studies
    • Business excellence training
    • SMED projects