Paradigms Journey of Excellence – What & How

    Operational GAP Assessment –


    Our journey of excellence starts with identifying the scope of Improvement in existing operations. We believe there is nothing called “wrong” in the system or process but the scope of improvement is always there.

    Operational GAP assessment generally takes 2 to 3 on site man days depending upon the volume of operations.

    The outcome of OGA is identifying the loopholes/ bottlenecks in current operations & further to scope of improvement.


    Our OGA will enable to rapidly:

    • Identify, design & evaluate training programme
    • Identify process bottlenecks, solutions to improve process flow, process mapping & preparing world class operational manuals.
    • Carry out massive recruitment drive
    • Establish the health of your organisation
    • Benchmark your performance against organisations from around the world
    • Help you to determine the actions required that will have most impact on improving your business performance and operational improvement results
    • Change your organisation’s work culture to a business excellence focussed culture.
    • Identify assessment tools which can be either facilitated by consultants or can be self-facilitated as a continued training throughout supply chain of the organisation.


    Road Map is prepared based on the nature of needs identified during OGA. The Road map is composition of customised requirements of client, List of initiatives for identified scope of improvements, Timeline for every listed initiative, Deliverable for every listed initiative. It also gives SUSTAIN module of Audit plan after execution of the project.