Operations Level Upgradation

    Data Collection & Internal Bench marking –

    We initiate desired data collection formats or modify the existing to ensure that the required data is being captured.

    Further the data is collated & analysis done on Opex parameters to establish a pattern or trend for evaluation & measurement of the targeted activity.

    Based on established data pattern at various check points final analysis is done for Internal Benchmarking.


    Value Stream Mapping –

    Quality circles – Preparing cross functional teams / quality circles to ensure active involvement of all key personals in project.

    Fragmentation – Break & form the  segments ( I/p & o/p) for inter & intra departmental processes.

    Non Value Added activities – Identification of all non-value added processes throughout the operations.

    Brainstorming – Standardize Value added processes & brain storming for removing / replacing NVAs & Identification of process bottlenecks & brainstorming for streamlining the process.

    VSM of formats – Documentation (formats/records) support at every stage of product process

    Process Re-Writing with task force team members

    Approval from Management & steering committee before Implementation


    Opex Manual –

    Preparing operational manual with all desired (Monitoring & Measurement) parameters.

    Streamlined processes for smooth operations.

    Internal bench marking for process evaluation

    Measurement & monitoring parameters to identify the process capacities for all critical processes.

    Process Objectives

    Defined roles & responsibilities

    All the record & documents for reference for every process


    Continuous training & hand holding –

    This is most important & specific feature of Paradigm. Generally continuous availability of Consultant on site to ensure the effectiveness of project is not facilitated.

    But we as treat clients as IMPROVEMENT PARTNERS , so the extensive support of onsite consultant is provided for handholding at each desired level of project.

    Preparing training calendar & conducting the trainings accordingly

    Second line development – Creates a platform for junior level development

    Making team more responsible & accountable

    Support to make them self motivated


    MIS –

    Preparing MIS formats for all departments

    Initially preparing MIS PPT for all departments along with the HODs.

    Training team to prepare the MIS

    Preparing action plan with the short comings & ensuring further implementation

    Establishing defined mechanism of presenting MIS every month.