Technical & Regulatory

    •  Standards- awareness & implementation training

      – Basic standards requirements for all floor staff in organization / industries. 

      – Foundation food safety & hygiene certificate for supervisors & managers in food industry.

    • Standards – internal auditor training. 


    • FOSTAC- regulatory compliances training
    • Customer requirements – awareness & implementation training 

    Organizational Development

    • People Skills- 
    • This course is really about the basic courtesies of living and working with other human beings. During the course delegates will learn to deal with other people effectively and be aware of their own behaviour too. Differences of direction and motivation, personality, ethnic group, gender, class and ability can all bring problems. This course provides some powerful ideas for preventing people problems, resolving conflict and building harmonious workplaces
    • Process Improvement & Process Mapping-

        To train the second line with objective of 

    • Understand how to produce basic process maps
    • Understand the value of process mapping
    • Apply basic process analysis methods on a key business process
    • Conduct process mapping back in the workplace
    • Stress & Time Management

    This course will give you the Time Management tools to help you control and manage your time better which in turn helps to reduce your stress levels. It also looks at ways and methods of controlling and reducing the anxiety caused by stress

    • Communication Skills

    Courses in this area could cover topics such as listening skills, conversation skills, body language, verbal 

    & non-verbal communication, communicating across cultures, etc.

    • Presentation & Business Communication Skills

    Courses in this area may cover topics such as effective speaking, presentation skills, public speaking, presenting to a technical audience, handling questions, team presentations, telephone etiquette, teleconferencing and video conferencing, e-mail communications, writing effective letters, reports,  and proposals, etc.

    • Interpersonal and Team Skills

    Courses in this area could cover topics such as interpersonal communication, assertiveness, confrontation, conflict resolution, team skills, team building, negotiation, etc.

    • Managerial & Supervisory Skills

    Courses in this area could cover topics such as skills for new managers, management skills for new supervisors, managing technical and professional people, interviewing skills for recruitment, delegation, motivation, coaching, performance feedback, performance appraisal, etc.

    • Leadership Skills

    Courses in this area may cover topics such as leadership skills, team building and leadership, common leadership mistakes, best practices of successful leaders, identifying your individual leadership style, women in leadership, managing change, etc.

    • Effective Meeting & Facilitation Skills Training

    This course is aimed at developing the skills and techniques required to maximise the effectiveness of meetings. It is particularly relevant to those who chair or plan to chair meetings on a regular basis

    • Change Management Training

    This course will allow you to: Develop a Change Management stategy for your project.  Manage the people side as well as the business side and integrate both into a single managment plan. Actively manage resistance to change helping to ensure the Managers and staff are committed to proposed changes, and help to drive those changes ensuring success