International Regulatory

    International regulations and compliance

    • Initial due diligence verification
    • Half yearly compliance verification
    • Foreign Supplier Verification programme
    • PCQI (Preventive Control Qualified Individual) Training
    • TACCP (Threat assessment and critical control point)
    • Country Specific Label verification 
    • Online consultation with the experts
    • FSMA (Food safety Modernization Act) Compliance
    • Country Specific Import regulations and compliance
    • FDA Detention Services

    Paradigm’s Legal arm

    In 2014 Paradigm decided to have a legal infrastructure support. 

    We have an understanding with Paradigm Law Associates.  

    Ayush G C, a professional lawyer, is responsible for Food sector legal advisory. 

    • He has 9 years of experience in Legal industry 
    • Advised various clients in food, banking, real estate, corporate compliance.

    Paradigm Law Associates has a team of Lawyers providing legal support on FSSAI and other related legal requirements