Quality Management System

    ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized Quality Management System standard that promotes customer satisfaction through continual improvement of your system’s effectiveness.

    Training and consulting of your Quality Management System by Paradigm provides assurance that you have an effective quality system in your organization. 

    Through implementation and certification to ISO 9001 demonstrates to potential customers your organization’s ability to meet their requirements and needs. 

    ISO 9001 is not designed to tell you how to run your business, but rather to allow you to be compliant in a way that best suits how you run your business processes.
    The standard helps you to promote an internal culture of continual improvement. 

    ISO 9001 is particularly strong on seeking to reduce errors, both in preventing mistakes recurring and by identifying potential mistakes before they occur.
    This reduction in errors brings associated benefits in terms of cost savings. 

    An ISO 9001 certificate proves that the Quality Management System of your company has been measured against the standard and found compliant. Issues by a third party certification body, the certificate demonstrates your commitment to quality management and customer satisfaction. 

    It is important that you and your company are positive, committed, and set clear targets for implementation and assessment.