Safe packaging for Safe Food

    BRC Global Standard for Packaging & Packaging Material

    The BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials (BRC IoP) provides safety and quality guidance primarily for the producers of packaging materials, in order to ensure the safety and quality of food and hygiene sensitive products 

    This is a comprehensive standard covering areas of hygiene and product safety through-out the packaging industry, Food & hygiene sensitive product producers are deeply involved in the manufacturing, and can significantly influence safety. A specific technical perspective is provided by this standard, enabling the producers to the responsibility by putting in place a widely recognized packaging material safety management system. The standards address part of “due diligence” requirements (The capability to be able to demonstrate that every reasonable measure has been taken to avoid an incident) of the packaging manufacturer, packer/filler, and retailer. 

    The standard applies to the manufacture of packaging & packaging materials used in food packaging and filling operations and to packaging & packaging materials for cosmetics, toiletries and other consumer products and materials. The BRC Global Standard for Packaging & Packaging Materials, developed by the British Retailers in cooperation with the Institute of Packaging, address the requirements to guarantee product safety by applying the HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) principles specific to this sector. 

    The food & hygiene sensitive product supply chain is based on the appropriate contribution
    of all the market players. Your achievement as a reliable supplier is also linked to your capability to provide safe products.